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Important Notice :

Now we are present in New Mexico, South Carolina, and Montana in the U.S.
M2A Kuwait will be temporarily unavailable until further notice.
Our BPAY payment facility in Australia has been reactivated.
Money2anywhere does not provide home delivery of drafts.
Bank Transfers to Malaysia is temporarily not available on m2a.
The maximum number of transactions for Xpress Money per beneficiary to India in a year is 12.

For Card Users :
Our system verifies your card against your identity and if it does not match your identity, your order will not be processed to protect you from fraud. This is done to ensure that we do not process a transaction not initiated by you. Note: We do not accept third party payments while making a card payment on the site, please note the same to avoid non- processing of your transaction. For customers using net banking to fund our account : Please use your internet banking account to fund your transaction. Use your own account for funding the transaction.

Note: We do not accept payments made through third party accounts via net banking. Using third party accounts will result in your transaction being not processed to protect you from fraud.

For Australian customers : We do not process transactions favouring other than individuals on m2a. We have a limit of 9000 AUD for transactions from Australia. Money2anywhere facility is available only for resident Australians who are physically present in Australia at the time of executing the transaction.