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Notice Board

Sr. No Notice Version Size
Acceptance of Coins Doc 19 kb
Acknowledgement of Counterfeit Note Doc 90 kb
Agricultural Debt Waiver 2008 Pdf 127 kb
Applicable fees and charges on credit card Xls 39 kb
Availability of Nomination facility Doc 90 kb
Banking Ombudsman Addresses Pdf 41 kb
Banking ombudsman sheme Pdf 80 kb
Cash handling notice Doc 10 kb
Caution against fictitious offers of remitting cheap funds abroad Pdf 183 kb
Cheque collection policy Pdf 75 kb
Citizens Charter Pdf 94 kb
Clean Note policy Jpg 144 kb
Code of Commitment Html 11 kb
Compensation Policy Pdf 54.9 kb
Current Account Service Charges Html 23.6 kb
Depository Service charges for retail & corporate customers Pdf 25 kb
DICG Jpg 176 kb
DP Holidays NSE-BSE-for the year 2011 Xls 15.5 kb
Exchange of Coins & Notes pdf 30 kb
Features of Currency notes Jpg 459 kb
Format of Debt Waiver Notice Zip 3017 kb
Grievance Redressal Policy Pdf 62 kb
Interest calculation on deposits Doc 66 kb
Know Your Customer Doc 72 kb
List of third party entities terminated by the Bank Html 46kb
List of outsourced vendors terminated by the Bank Html 202kb
NEFT timings Html 25kb
No Frill a/c Doc 75 kb
Nodal Officer for Pension Pdf 11.4 kb
Notice premature renewal and reinvestment of term deposits. Pdf 25.3 kb
Notice for Public Debenture holders Pdf 57.5 kb
PLR and Base Rate Pdf 30kb
Prime Minister's Letter Zip 1510 kb
Principal Code Compliance Officer & Nodal Officer Pdf 10 kb
RBI advisory on Overseas forex trading through Electronic/Internet Portals Html 5.9 kb
SEBI ombudsman address Doc 23 kb
Security Notice Doc 91 kb
Service Charges for NRI customers Xls 16 kb
Service charges for Web Trade Customers Doc 69 kb
Servicing you Safely Jpg 147 kb
Table F as per provisions of Section 223 of The Companies Act 1956 Pdf 561 kb
Time Norms Doc 34 kb